• What you see as your Ordinary I see Extraordinary. There is no formula to my Photography just be yourself and let me tell your story.

    I would be honored to capture the moments of you and your family. That unique expression, a child holding a parents hand, the laughter and fun of a family. Early morning or late afternoon is the best for lighting. I can recommend several locations or travel to you.

    I love working with natural light, but living in New England we deal with the elements. I can accommodate a studio portrait session from my home or recommend some natural light locations.

‘FALL’ in love with as many things as possible

Fall is coming!  I love summer but Autumn is my favorite time of the year.  This is also a perfect time to plan a family session.  The colors are beautiful!  It’s perfect for apple picking and playing in the leaves.   I’m already starting to book fall sessions so contact me if you’re interested in a session @ jporetsky1974@gmail.com  Thanks for checking on me hope you enjoy my favorite fall pictures.

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Sunday in the city…life for me is a photo opportunity.

My hubby had a meeting last week in Boston at the Boston Public Library.  He texted me pictures and said we needed to bring our avid reader Elise to see a library like this.  Spring schedules have started and it will just get crazier so we decided to head into the city for lunch, people watching and to see a beautiful historical Library.  Elise and Corinne were amazed by all the books and Mommy was amazed by the architecture, lighting and potential photo ops.  Daddy was just trying to deal with 3 girls/women going in all directions LOL:)  We were also able to check out the memorial from the Boston Marathon bombing.  You could have heard a pin drop in that exhibition room… Boston Strong!  We had a fun day beat the rain, and avoided Red Sox traffic.  The only complaint from Elise was she couldn’t check out books from this massive library:)

Location can be a hard decision when booking a photo session.  It should really reflect your families personality.  Years from now these pictures will help you remember stories from your past.  I find the best family sessions are in a location where family members are comfortable and able to be themselves.  Please refer to my Location post on my website.

Here are a few images from our day.  Enjoy!


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